Deliver your parcels without worries

We manage all scheduled deliveries from a variety of users from business to individuals.  At RunsPadi, we offer efficient, cost effective and quality service to our customers. We aim to ease the stress associated with delivery as we have devised a method to deliver at the quickest possible time. We value your time, hence, we treat your request with utmost urgency.

How It Works

Schedule Your Delivery

Sign up and make a delivery request (All request for items to be delivered on same day must be sent before 10am, all orders after 10am is processed for next day delivery).

We get to work

On receipt of your request, and confirmation of payment, we contact you to confirm the request. we then process your request and pick up your item(s).

Your parcels are delivered

We get your items delivered to your preferred location on time and in good condition.

The RunsPadi Effect

Seamless Experience

From booking a pickup to actual delivery, RunsPadi provides an unforgettable user experience.


We have cut unnecessary logistics steps to make deliveries more affordable, without hidden costs

Secure Delivery

We offer a secure delivery every time, we are regarded as a swift reliable delivery partner.

24/7 Support

We provide you support every single time of the day. We are technically available around the clock.

Book A Delivery Now

Got Multiple Deliveries? We’ve got you! Simply click on the button below to chat with our Fulfillment Officers.