Afang Soup (2 Litres/3.5 Litres/5 Litres)


Afang soup comes in 3 sizes

2 Litres bowl comes with 10 pieces of beef OR 6 Big Size Cut Chicken OR 6 Big Size Cut Titus Fish and other assorted meats

3.5 Litres bowl comes with 17 pieces of beef OR 9 big size cut chicken OR 9 big size cut Titus Fish with other assorted meats

5 Litres bowl comes with 24 pieces of beef OR 12 big size cut chicken OR 12 bi size cut Titus Fish with other assorted meats

NB: Orders are delivered the next day



  • MEAT(10 PCS) – N2,000
  • FROZEN TURKEY – N2,000
  • SNAIL (per piece) SMALL-N500. MEDIUM-N700. BIG-N1,000
  • ASSORTED- N1,800
  • CATFISH(7 pcs) – N2,500
  • CROAKERFISH (7 pcs) – N3,000
  • KPANLA FRESHFISH(8 pcs) – N2,000
  • GOATMEAT(10 pcs) – N3,000
  • LIVER(7 pcs) – N1,500
  • FUKU( 7 pcs) – N1,500
  • SHAKI-(7 Pcs) N1,500
  • KPOMO (7 pcs) – N1,500
  • STOCKFISH – N1,500
  • DRY FISH- N1,500
  • GIZZARD(8 pcs)- N2,000
  • SMOKEDFISH- N1,300
  • TITUS/KOTE(7PCS)- N1,500
  • SHRIMPS- N2,500
  • PRAWNS- N4,500

For Extras please chat our sales representative on 08020984377 on Whatsapp to update your order.

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Afang soup is made with afang leaves (ukazi) and water leaves.

These two different leaves combines seamlessly to make a delicious looking soup. The Ukazi leaf is usually sliced and then ground with either a kitchen blender or hand-grinding machine while the water leaf is just sliced with a kitchen knife.

Our Soup is made from the popular Afang leaves and natural thickeners. Other soup ingredients mixtures includes Meat of choice (beef, chicken, turkey, goat meat, or assorted meat).

Our Soups come with basic protein (beef, goat meat, chicken or fish), assorted such as shaki and intestine, kpomo, etc. Asides the basic proteins, soup also come with extras like dry/smoke fish, stock fish, periwinkle, eggs, gizzards, snail, etc depending on the kind of soup ordered and specification. Seasoning is done based on customer’s specification and also includes choice of salt, oil, spice, etc.

Afang Soup is rich in protein and can be served with eba, semo, poundo yam to even amala. It is everyone’s favourite!


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2 Litres, 3.5 Litres, 5 Litres


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